Unicorn Motorcycle Games Games about feelings and humanity

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Unicorn Motorcycle Games is a tabletop game company based in Westminster, Colorado. We make tabletop RPGs because that’s what inspires us.

We believe that inclusivity, representation, and safety are the required cornerstones for a strong gaming community. We support, morally and when possible financially, Black Lives MatterSouthern Poverty Law CenterRAINNPlanned ParenthoodTrans United FundSAGE, and the ACLU. We support, demand, and celebrate marriage equality. We are feminists.

Owner: Camdon Wright (he/him)
If you want someone to blame and/or praise for the things that we make look no further than Camdon Wright. He is responsible for all of this. He comes up with crazy ideas and writes them down. Someday he plans to walk into a Dollar Tree with his gaming profits and “make it rain.” Camdon lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife, their 2 kids, and a dog named Rockford. Rockford is a good dog.

In 2017 he has released Madness and Desire the game that answers the question; what would a reality dating show for Cthulhu look like? He is currently working One Child’s Heart, a game that explores childhood trauma and how we heal from it. He was als

Business partner & chief morale officer: Wendelyn A. Reischl (she/her)
Wendelyn A. Reischl is a freelance writer, game designer, and a lifelong role player. Since joining the tabletop gaming industry in 2016, Wendelyn has worked with Post World Games, Gallant Knight Games, Yellow Piece Games, Analog Letters, and Ulisses North America. Wendeyn has spent more than a decade as a leader in the Colorado gaming community. She is the face of the Denver RPG Meetup and serves on the Board of Gamers Giving Inc. When not writing, running, or playing games, Wendelyn enjoys live theater, photography, bicycling around town, drinking cider, and traveling to historic sites around the world. Wendelyn lives in Denver, CO with her husband Brian, their cat Zuul, and frequently a house full of gamers. Her goal is to unite, expand, and uplift the gaming community.

Unicorn Motorcycle Games Games about feelings and humanity

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