Unicorn Motorcycle Games is a tabletop game company based in Buffalo, NY. We believe that inclusivity, representation, and safety are the required cornerstones for a strong gaming community. We support, morally and financially, Black Lives MatterSouthern Poverty Law CenterRAINNPlanned ParenthoodTrans United FundSAGE, and the ACLU. We support, demand, and celebrate marriage equality.

Camdon Wright - He/Him

Camdon Wright

Camdon Wright is a TTRPG designer, father of two children, and the biracial child of an Ethiopian immigrant. He co-owns Unicorn Motorcycle Games, is the Diversity Coordinator for the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN), leads the yearly IGDN Metatopia Sponsorship, and is a former staff writer for the ENnie award winning gaming blog Gnome Stew. Camdon has a dog named Rockford. Rockford is a very good dog.

In 2017 he has released Madness and Desire the game that answers the question; what would a reality dating show for Cthulhu look like? He is currently finishing One Child’s Heart, a game that explores childhood trauma and how we heal from it. He has also written for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Ulisses North America, and is a former staff writer for the ENnie award winning Gnome Stew gaming blog.

Facebook: /camdonw
Twitter: @camdon
Website: camdon.com

Kate Bullock - She/Her

Kate Bullock

Kate Bullock is a community and convention organizer from the wilds of Canada. She’s the President of the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN), game room coordinator for Magpie Games, and one of the main organizers of Breakout Gaming Convention. You can find her blog at bluestockings.ca and her game, Crossroads Carnival, at Magpie Games. Her freelance gaming work can be found in Hack the Planet, The Veil: Cascade, Codex, and Atlas Animalis. She’s best known for her work in community development, safety and inclusion, and convention organizing.

Facebook: /bluestocking etc
Twitter: @bluestockingsetc
Blog: www.bluestockings.ca
Patreon: Bluestockings