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Game Rooms
Whether small (10 events) to large scale (300+ events), we are capable gaming organizers who can help your event be streamlined. With over a decade of experience organizing conventions, we can provide an organized, fluid, well run gaming room, find and manage volunteers, and be on site during the convention to keep everything running smoothly.

All conventions struggle with safety. As consultants, we examine where safety is lacking in conventions, provide policy and procedural changes, implement strategies for safety, and work with con organizers to help create safer gaming spaces. Each convention is unique and we believe a personalized, individual approach works best.

Inclusivity and Diversity
Nearly every convention we know struggles with retaining and welcoming gamers from all experiences and communities. We help con organizers reimagine how they are diverse and inclusive, and help them take the steps necessary to becoming a healthier space for everyone. This can include policy changes or implementation, guest recruitment, or community outreach.

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