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Policy and Procedures
Each community has individual needs that are often overlooked as they are first created. These needs later become glaring holes in the functioning of the community. As community leaders and organizers, we are adept at helping you fill those holes with functioning policies and procedures, from conflict documents, to standards of practice, to harassment and inclusivity policies.

Organizational Consultation
While many communities tend to grow organically, they can hit a point where structure becomes necessary to continue functioning. We provide insight on how to create structure, to implement functioning teams, and how to engage the community membership in meaningful and healthy ways. We also provide coaching to leaders on providing healthy boundaries for themselves and their communities.

Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution
Trained in mediation and deescalation, we are there for you when conflict seems too big or complicated to handle. As practitioners of restorative justice, we aim to meet the needs of everyone involved in the conflict. We provide judgment-free space to discuss possible solutions to conflict and coach on how to implement those solutions mindfully and intentionally.

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