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Game Design
Long time game designers, we pride ourselves on working with other creatives to make their design visions come to life. We are adept at helping create mechanics, setting, unique rules, and breathing fresh ideas into settings and worlds. Whether we’re involved from the ground up or come in as stretch goal designers, we are communicative, punctual, and able to meet the needs of our clients.

Tech Writing
If you are in need of someone to write those trouble chapters of tech and design but struggle to find the right words, we can help. We appreciate that there are many facets of game design, and not everyone excels at every facet. Tech writing can be done as part of our design freelancing, or as ghost writers for your product.

Adventure Writing
If you’re seeking someone to create an adventure, a mystery, a monster, a location, or any other setting or fictional writing for your game, we’re happy to help! As skilled writers and creators, we are able to accommodate your needs and timelines, while adding our unique talents and voices to the creative process. We are happy to work as core design members, additional writers, or stretch goal writers.

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